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Trafflers makes organizing trips easy.
Find your destination, hotel and flight in one interface.
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Organizing is chaos.

Searching on more than 20 websites in order to find a destination sucks. Sending a million e-mails back and forth to organize a trip sucks. Who wants to keep track of separate budgets, possible travel dates and a gazillion messages when planning a simple trip?!

We can help.

By pulling together hotel and flight information, a date planner and a means of discovering destinations we help travelers organize their trips together. Trafflers is a collaborative application that you can use to plan your trips with your friends.

No more pain.

Plan your next getaway on Trafflers and take away the pain out of organizing trips. Planning a girls-getaway or a guys fun weekend? Add your travel dates, destinations, hotels and flights and share with your friends. Enjoy the experience of planning your trips.
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